Invitation : Folquébec @ Womex 2012

Invitation WOMEX 2012

Folquébec cocktail

For the 2012 WOMEX international music conference, Folquébec invites attendees to a cocktail on Friday, October 19 at 4:30 pm at Stand no. 6.111. Come « grignoter » (nibble) with us and meet the Folquébec team : Heidi Fleming (FamGroup), Gilles Garand (EspaceTrad), Louise de Grosbois (EspaceTrad), Geneviève Nadeau (Roues et Archets), Marc Labelle (Amérix), Elaine Lafond (Folquébec).

Trad network meeting

Conference attendees are also invited to a gathering led by Gilles Garand with the goal of creating an international trad network to share, dicuss, debate and develop opportunities for presenting traditional artists. Saturday, October 20, 11:00-11:45 am.


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