Scotland : January 30, 31, 2009


Louise de Grosbois (EspaceTrad) devant le stand Folquébec/EspaceTradRush, rush to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to set up our stand for 10 am opening of the Exhibit Hall. The way to the Concert Hall is uphill followed by steep stairways, so we’ve redubbed Showcase Scotland « Staircase Scotland » (thanks to Sarah for the inspiration)! The team hustled to get banners and promo material on display and then spent the next few hours talking to the lines of people who wanted to know more about Québec trad music. Photo : Louise de Grosbois in front of the Folquébec/EspaceTrad stand.

Galant, Tu Perds Ton TempsEn soirée, Galant Tu Perds Ton Temps in the Old Fruitmarket, a giant hangar that used to house the city market, and a happy, enthusiastic crowd. The girls (and Jean-François Berthiaume, token male), wowed the audience with their energy, amazing harmonies and great songs. Le Vent du Nord had a similar impact performing almost simultaneously at the ABC theatre! Photo : The five lovely ladies of Galant, Tu Perds Ton Temps didn’t waste any time winning them over!

Simon (Le Vent du Nord) et Éric Beaudry (La Bottine Souriante) dans le corridor du Festival Club, aux petites heuresThe off to the Festival Club for more merriment and brief, impromptu concerts by both bands, as well. Le Vent du Nord also performed live on the BBC in a special studio set up in a corner of the hotel. Photo : Simon (Le Vent du Nord) and Éric Beaudry (La Bottine Souriante, De Temps Antan) in the hall of the Festival Club after hours.


Madame Christine St-Pierre avec l'équipe et musiciennesBusy day : meeting with Madame Christine St-Pierre, Ministre de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine; launch of trad group Genticorum’s « La Bibournoise »; presentation of a seminar on the history and current status of traditional Québécois music; Québec official reception with the full team, the Ministre de la Culture and the Québec Office in London!

Colin Hicks, Antoine GauthierTonight’s shows : Genticorum, Galant Tu Perds Ton Temps and Les Chauffeurs à Pieds. Wow! Photos : Madame Christine St-Pierre, Ministre de la Culture, with team and musicians from Folquébec/EspaceTrad; Colin Hicks (Québec Office in London) and Antoine Gauthier (Les Chauffeurs à Pieds).


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