Showcase Spotlight Québec 2009

Celebrating the living tradition that flourishes in Québec, the Spotlight Québec Showcase features six artists who were selected by the host event to represent the broad gamma of trad music in Québec today, from « pure laine » (dyed-in-the-wool) to « flyé » (trad that pushes the boundaries!). The showcasing artists perform in venues as part of Celtic Connections 2009, the UK’s largest winter folk festival in Glasgow, Scotland. Visit the Celtic Connections website for schedules and event details and click on Showcase Scotland. To help promote these – and 24 more – Québec traditional artists, Folquébec has produced a double-CD compilation to be distributed at Showcase Scotland and put directly into the hands of visiting presenters from the UK and Europe. The CD will be handed out to presenters attending the festival and additionally on sale in select stores via UK distributor Proper Records (limited quantity).

Listen to the showcase artists, plus all the artists on the CD – and more – right here.

Showcase artists

Galant, Tu Perds Ton Temps (Fella, you’re wasting your time) presents a rare repertoire of feminine a capella songs. Whether big-hearted, naïve or cheeky, they are irresistible, singing brilliantly in unison, harmony or polyphony. In a man’s world of fiddlers, callers and stepdancers, this female quintet celebrates a special aspect of the traditional music of Québec. / Cheeky female a capella singers flaunting their roots in a man’s world! | ÉCOUTER

The virtuosity and passion of Le Bébert Orchestras musicians allows them to experiment with a multitude of musical styles, all the while remaining completely authentic and true to their musical roots. Their leader is none other than one of the key figures in the trad music revival in Quebec : the great Yves Lambert. / Trad fusion revival from one of Québec’s all-time favorites. | ÉCOUTER

La Bottine Souriante has represented the vitality of Québéc culture around the planet, as part of the great melting pot of  »world » music. Adapting its music to the times, the band mixes traditional with contemporary, weaving together folklore from France, England, Ireland and Scotland with jazzy horns and wild rhythms from the Americas: irresistible! / Québec trad meets World, roots-fusion deluxe with a horn section! ÉCOUTER

Les Chauffeurs à Pieds, « car-less drivers » from Québec City have performed widely for 10 years and still  have loads of fun creating a new aesthetic for Québec traditional music. They recently launched a sixth album, full of one-of-a-kind folk treasures. / Respectful Québec trad at its finest, a truly inspiring repertoire of songs and music. | ÉCOUTER

The three members of Genticorum create such a full sound they have been described as a trad « power trio ». They have become one of the most sought-after exponents of Québecois musical culture, having now performed and toured across North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania; yet their souls remain firmly planted in native soil. / Trad power-trio showcasing the pure and simple beauty of Québec trad songs and music. | ÉCOUTER

Since its creation in 2002, Le Vent du Nord has quickly become one of the most recognizable and esteemed bands of the Québec traditional music world. They sing songs from the traditional repertoire as well as their own compositions. Their energy captivates and mesmerizes all audiences! / Old and « new » trad, sparkling repertoire and instrumental prowess. | ÉCOUTER


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