Folquébec en route for Folk Alliance, Memphis 2010


Folquébec takes off shortly for the annual Folk Alliance conference in Memphis, TN from February 18-25. The team will be attending the Pan-Canadian reception in Room L3 of the Exhibit Hall. The reception is the work of the Pan-Canadian Initiative, a group of music organizations made up of the East Coast Music Association (ECMA), Folquebec, Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (OCFF), Manitoba Music, Alberta Music and Folk & Roots Music Canada. Folquébec will also be supporting showcasing artists : Hudost, Ray Bonneville, Caracol, Shtreiml + Ismail Fencioglu, Beth Cahill, The Malvinas, Allison Lickley, and Randall Spear. The most recent CD compilation “Récolte” will be distributed at Booth 29 in the Exhibit Hall.


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